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Our Services

Rescreening service

We offer pool screen repair with a 5-10 year screen lasting average. Our experts use high-quality materials and use the latest techniques to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting result. Count on us to get the job done right!

Pressure Washing

We effectively clean cages by using a high-pressure washer to remove dirt, grime, and other substances. We take precautions to prevent damage, adjust the washer's pressure accordingly, and thoroughly wash the cage. Finally, we rinse with clean water to remove any cleaning agents used.

Painting Cages

To improve the cage's appearance and durability, we apply a fresh coat of paint. We prepare the area, cover surrounding surfaces, spray thin and even coats, and allow for proper drying. Finally, we inspect the cage for any touch-ups or repairs.

Clean Gutters

While cleaning gutters, we remove any and all debris that has built up over time. With proper disposal, the downspouts would then be inspected for any damages or blockages. We insure a proper maintenance process so that there may be no water damage to any building 

Install Screws

When replacing screws in the framework, we identify and replace any damaged or worn ones. With the right tools, we remove and insert new screws, ensuring they are securely tightened. Afterward, we inspect the pool cage for other possible issues and perform necessary repairs.

Intall Pet Doors

To install a pet door, we carefully select the right size for the cage, mark the location, cut a hole using proper tools, fit the door securely with screws and sealant, and inspect for any issues.

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